TORA Outsourced Trading

TORA Outsourced Trading is an Asia-focused trading solution combining the strengths of traditional outsourced trading with deep Asia expertise and leading trading technology.

Extensive Asia Expertise

As the leading trading technology firm in Asia, Tora offers a deep understanding of its unique market characteristics. Tora leverages this expertise to reduce the execution risk inherent in the region.

Robust Information Flow

Tora's relationships and scale provide comprehensive market color beyond what is broadly available. By effectively culling and utilizing information, Tora provides clients a summary of the most relevant and important market color.

Technology Designed for Asia

TORA Outsourced Trading has a significant competitive advantage by leveraging Tora HK's portfolio of trading products.

Beyond the core products, Tora employs extensive proprietary analytics and tools to improve trading information.

On the Ground Support

With multi-lingual teams in Asia and the U.S., Tora's client support infrastructure is designed to deliver convenient and responsive, local support.

For more information about Tora and our registered representatives, please access FINRA's site